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Posted about 3 years ago by avox
And here is part 2! After my disappointment with XQuery, I looked at a template engine for Python. While Python can do some basic templating itself, Cheetah is much more powerful. So here’s an example for a Cheetah template: // Generated file, do not ... [More] edit! \#ifndef ${c.name.upper()}_H \#define ${c.name.upper()}_H class ${c.name} { // properties #for [...] [Less]
Posted over 3 years ago by avox
Anyone who has looked at a Scribus preferences file (scribus.rc) will be aware that the sheer amount of settings is daunting. There’s a C++ file named prefsstructs.h that defines on 470 lines of code 29 data structures too hold various settings. And these are just dumb structs, without any code to read/write to XML (or [...]
Posted over 3 years ago by mrb
Scribus 1.4.0 Released After almost 4 years of intensive work, the Scribus Team (http://www.scribus.net) has released the new stable version 1.4.0 of the Open Source desktop publishing program Scribus. Given this is the first major stable release in ... [More] some time, this document outlines improvements over the last number of versions, rather than since just the [...] [Less]
Posted over 4 years ago by malex
See the Scribus Times and Gazette article for more details.
Posted over 4 years ago by mrdocs
It is hard to believe Scribus is almost an adolescent. Just yesterday, Scribus turned ten years old, with the first bits of code written by Franz Schmid in December 2000. A few months later, it was linked on Freshmeat and then, well… it kind of had a life of its own. I googled DTP and [...]
Posted almost 5 years ago by Christoph Schäfer
I just paid the occasional visit to our download page on Sourceforge, and something seems to have escaped my attention earlier: We have become millionaires! Well, at least download millionaires, as our stable 1.3.3.x has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times since we made Scribus available on SF c. two years ago. Not bad for [...]
Posted over 5 years ago by malex
It was a beautiful beginning of Summer. The Google Summer of Code was on and it was glorious and fun, or at least everyone expected it to be after our previous two years in the program went so well. There was no reason to worry. We had all our ducks lined up in a row [...]
Posted almost 6 years ago by Christoph Schäfer
Now that 1.3.5(1) is released, development has regained speed. Here’s a short overview of what has happened recently in 1.5svn and Scribus in general: Scribus founder Franz Schmid returned from his well-deserved break with a big bang, the latter ... [More] being experimental code to embed 3D objects in Scribus-created PDFs. Franz also wrote import filters for Calamus Vector [...] [Less]
Posted about 6 years ago by Christoph Schäfer
We all know the saying “sometimes life gets in our way,” meaning that something didn’t work as expected. Scribus is no different, although in our case one major fact of “life getting in our way” was newly born (or soon-to-be-born) babies, meaning an all-out positive distraction. There were other reasons, of course, that led to [...]
Posted about 6 years ago by Riku
Voita Scribus-kirja itsellesi tai yhteisöllesi edelleenjaettavaksi. Suomenkielisessä blogissani, Hiiop, on käynnissä kilpailu, jonka palkintona on uuden karheita Scribus-kirjoja. Kilpailu kirjoista päättyy 14.6. ja on avoinna kaikille, joille kirjan voi lähettää Suomessa sijaitsevaan osoitteeseen. Lue lisää kilpailusta…