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SimThyr is a simulation program for the pituitary thyroid feedback control system. The software is based on a parametrically isomorphic model of thyroid homeostasis, and it aims at a better insight into the dynamics of thyrotropic feedback. Applications of this program cover research, including development of hypotheses, and education of students in biology and medicine, nurses and patients. Historically, SimThyr helped to expand our knowledge of thyroid homeostasis, as documented in multiple research papers.

This is a free application that is offered on the base of a BSD licence. Binaries are available for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows, source code requires THINK Pascal (for Mac OS Classic) or Lazarus/Free Pascal (for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux).


cybernetics endocrinology feedback_control freepascal healthinformatics health_professionals lazarus linux mac medical medicalinformatics medical_science medical_science_apps pascal pituitary science simulation simulationmodel simulationprograms thyroid thyrotropic windows

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