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Posted 2 months ago by sudheergadde
By using a Grid property i.e SpeicalKey, You can select either rows or columns .....!!! If you put, SpeicalKey property as Control and Selction Mode is Rows... Then ,You can select multiple rows by holding the control button in keyborad.. --- and ... [More] Multiple column selection is not posible in this case and is vise versa .. if the Selection mode is column [Less]
Posted 4 months ago by jray
I've published an issue, but I could try to solve the problem myself, if somebody who has a good overview could help me to know where I should look in the code... The spanning is lost, at least on ... [More] first row with spanned cells, after this row as been hidden on scrolling down and/or up. Problem is the normal rendering: when you go over the cells with the mouse, highlighting or cell selection/focus works correctly, at the right place, where the cell should have been rendered. Before scrolling: After scrolling down and up (see first row = column headers): [Less]
Posted 7 months ago by brightak
Is anyone else finding this? Even when I say this.VScroll = false, I see the vertical scroll bar after I use the ReDim command. It doesn't matter whether I put the 'VScroll = false' before or after the ReDim. Any way to hide the vertical scroll bar? Thanks in advance.
Posted 8 months ago by Gembiart
Hello everyone, I trie to draw Line over planninggrid to make a line for currenttime. Anyone know how to do it. I tried in event Paint, but not works correctly or I made some mistakes. Regards
Posted 8 months ago by BHCDev
Hi, I just download sources from CodePlex (previously, I had downloaded from CodeProject When I compare sources to see what's differents, I find a FIX on codeProject ... [More] about "return an empty range coordonate" plus a FIX/Refactoring of CSV and the DragDrop feature handling. CodePlex is at 4.40, CodeProject is at 4.30. But CodeProject seem to be more recente. Where is the good one ? [Less]
Posted 9 months ago by Gembiart
Hello, I'm trying to develop my first app with Sourcegrid. I tried to find soulution for me with planning grid. 1) In one form c# i've two controls. One is simple datagridview , second is planning grid. I can fill my dgv with data and than creats ... [More] some appointments which are displayed in planninggrid. My questions is: is it possible when i highligth one row in dgv it will be highlited also correct "box" in planning grid and in other way highligth "box" and swe highlited row in dgv ? 2) is it posible to add tooltip for each "box" in planning grid to display some cells value from selected row of dgv.? 3) when i run app and fill planning grid with "boxes" and i give strech column size to control width it's look ok, but after setting full Window (maximize) filled comuns has diffrent size than not filled. How to do it correctly ? ..... Ufffffff thanks a lot for answer....... I'm waiting for your answers clever peoples. Thanks a lot gembiart [Less]
Posted 9 months ago by jdc20181
First off is this still useable and can i use it in VB instead of C#? Thanks
Posted 10 months ago by brightak
I don't know what changed, but I revisited the problem and the above code seems to work now. Too bad the result is still unreadable. I guess that's why RTF is no longer supported in SourceGrid.
Posted 10 months ago by brightak
Is RichText supported in SourceGrid or isn't it? I can't find any documentation on implementation, which is very frustrating. What follows is my code. It doesn't change the font of the text, which I thought was the point. Am I missing something? ... [More] //Should be bold, italic Courier new, but it isn't. string txt = @"{\rtf1\ansi{\fonttbl\f0\fmodern Courier New;}\f0\b\i Hello\par}"; DevAge.Windows.Forms.RichText rt = new DevAge.Windows.Forms.RichText(txt); grd[r, c] = new SourceGrid.Cells.RichTextBox(rt); //Plain text. Thank you in advance. [Less]
Posted 10 months ago by poohwen
I found solution for this. Use code like grd.ShowCell(new SourceGrid.Position(tmpRow, 5), true); grd.Refresh();