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TONG is a desceptively simple-looking game that combines the popular and oft-cloned games Tetris and Pong played in the same space at the same time. Pong paddles surround some or all sides of a tetris playfield, and all the action happens within. The main attration, however, is the customizable set of rules that explain how tetris and pong elements interact. For example, when the game starts, if a pong ball collides with a tetrad, it might bounce off, rotate the tetrad, and increase your score. Later, after a few random- or time-based rule changes (which, according to themselves, might be prominently displayed or completely secret) the ball would stick to the tetrad, changing its shape, and have a negative effect on the player's score. Constantly mixing up the chemistry between tetris and pong elements (Does the ball break away the stack at the bottom? Upon impact, does the ball split in two and the tetrad get instantly pushed down?) is the key feature of the game, and what sets it apart from other spin-offs. Two main versions will be developed (and any others that people may create building off of these) - a single-player game meant to be played primarily on a desktop computer, and a side-by-side four-player game suitable for arcade-type booths or game consoles.


2d c++ game pong tetris-like

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