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Is a lightweight multitrack audio recording and editing tool, with a very powerfull yet easy and clear to use Interface, which is designed to get your job done quickly, accurately, without complex controls, difficult menu structures, and hundreds of tool boxes!

It allows you to do your work the way you was used to do it, and allows you to gradually adopt the - often easier and much more powerfull - contextual interaction way of working!

Traverso lets you record and playback from/too as many channels as your hardware has available!
Adding or removing AudioClips, Tracks and Plugins during playback/capture is perfectly save, thanks to the carefully designed audio processing engine.

Traverso runs smoothly on the Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems!


audio capture cross-platform daw dsp editing editor jack linux media multimedia multitrack music podcasting recording

In a Nutshell, Traverso...

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