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Waf is a general-purpose build system which was modelled from Scons. Though it comes last in the arena of the build systems, we believe that Waf is a vastly superior alternative to its competitors (Autotools, Scons, Cmake, Ant, etc) for building software, and especially for open-source projects:

* Waf depends on Python only which is ported on most platforms
* Waf scripts are Python modules which are easier to learn and to maintain that custom languages
* Waf license has very little constraints (BSD) and can be redistributed easily (all in one 100kb script)
* Waf architecture is modular and can be extended easily, it relies on state-of-the-art algorithms
* Waf provides many more features than its competitors
* Waf provides many small projects and code snippets



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Jun 21 2016 — Jul 21 2016

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Jul 21 2015 — Jul 21 2016
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