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QuickTime Plugins such as WMVPlayer and Perian allow non native quicktime file formats to be imported into a QuickTime Movie. However, some of these formats must be fully indexed, and that takes a while and has to happen everytime the movie is loaded. With a WOV package (wrapper of video) the original file and a QuickTime reference movie representing the fully index file are stored together so that apps that support native QuickTime movies can open files near instantaneously, while retaining the ability to open the original file in Non-QuickTime apps, rebuild the reference movie when the plugins change, and support QuickLook all wrapped in one convenient document icon.

WOV Suite contains:

WOV Opener: that opens a WOV package in any application that supports QuickTime natively or the Original Wrapped file.

WOV Converter: that converts non MOV files supported by a QuickTime import plugin into WOV packages.

WrapperOfVideo.framework: makes it easy for other cocoa applications to support WOV packages without WOV opener.


cocoa obj-c package perian quicklook quicktime ruby wmvplayer wov wovconverter wovopener wrapperofvideo

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