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Posted 2 months ago by djay
Fix issue with cookie headers in ulinet (cf. ​https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/zoo-discuss/2017-May/001622.html).
Posted 2 months ago by surf9
Hi there I am able to run my python service if store files in root directory of cgi-bin directory. However, when I store the files in nested folders it is not able to run the service. GetCapability? output is: ... [More] python.wfs.geoValidationMainlandWFSPyPython WFSPython WFS Executing service from cgi-bin root directory has the following output: ./zoo_loader.cgi "ServiceProvider?=&metapath=&Service=WPS&Request=Execute&Version=1.0.0&Identifier=python.wfs.geoValidationMainlandWFSPy&DataInputs?=lat=-40.344985;long=175.670925" Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 Status: 501 Not Implemented Python module geoValidationMainlandWFSPy cannot be loaded. Message: TRACE: No module named python.wfs.geoValidationMainlandWFSPy <type 'exceptions.ImportError?'> Putting files in nested directories works in JS and Java. [Less]
Posted 2 months ago by surf9
Hi there When I use ZOO.Request, I sometimes get error: ZOO Kernel failed to process your request, receiving signal 11 = SIGSEGV I've updated zoo-api.js file to the latest. Any ideas how to prevent this error from occurring? Also, I noticed ... [More] once the error is shown any further request returns the same error. Is there a way to clear this state so new request are in a clean state? Thanks, [Less]
Posted 2 months ago by surf9
Hi there Is it possible to carrying out an AJAX request from inside a JavaScript service? E.g. I would like to perform a WFS request on third-party APIs Can I do this with jQuery? How do I add jQuery so it's accessible from a JavaScript service in Zoo? I also tried using XMLHttpRequest, but I'm getting "not defined" error. Thanks,
Posted 2 months ago by cresson
DOC: Add some comments
Posted 2 months ago by cresson
ENH: Add custom mapfile styling option
Posted 3 months ago by surf9
Hi there I have many jar files I would like to include. My dir for the java api is: /java/purpose Inside the purpose dir I would like to have another folder called dependencies. Inside the dependencies folder I would like to store all the ... [More] JAR files. I currently have not created the dependencies folder and all files are stored inside the purpose dir. Inside /java/purpose path I have my .class file. The java source code has the following import as an example: import org.geotools.data.FeatureSource?; Currently when I try to compile my .java file I get the following error: javac WFSJava.java WFSJava.java:4: error: package org.geotools.data does not exist I've tried setting the CLASSPATH in the terminal using an absolute path to the /java/purpose dir and also tried adding it to the main.cfg using: [env] CLASSPATH=/java/purpose I still get the same error message. Would you have any ideas how I can resolve this? Thanks, [Less]
Posted 3 months ago by transifex
Transifex auto-update ...
Posted 3 months ago by cresson
ENH: Enhance raster styling in mapserver support
Posted 3 months ago by remicress
After the configure step, one must add -std=c++11 in the OTBCFLAGS. Else, kernel build fails.