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Analyzed 3 days ago. based on code collected 5 days ago.
Posted 13 days ago by djay
Posted 14 days ago by djay
Use correct declaration of the zo_DS variable in libzoo_service.
Posted 17 days ago by djay
Use memory=load for downloading body references.
Posted 17 days ago by djay
Change the default ZOO-Kernel behavior, if an input has been passed by reference, the ZOO-Service will receive a cache_file map rather than the value field which was usually returned, same for array value apply. To use the previous behavior, one can ... [More] add "memory=load" to the main section of the main.cfg file. Update ZOO-Services for using this new field if available. [Less]
Posted 21 days ago by djay
Add the capability to publish heatmap or any templated mapfile using the epecific msInclude and msLayer keys for an output. For MapServer? published output, define 4096 as the default maxsize and use pixel width or height for raster files. use the ... [More] correct MapServer? imagemode depending on GDALGetRasterDataType (MS_IMAGEMODE_BYTE for GDT_Byte, MS_IMAGEMODE_INT16 for GDT_Int16 and MS_IMAGEMODE_FLOAT32 for GDT_Float32). Create a text file (.maps) listing every mapfiles created for a MapServer? published output (or inputs) using saveMapNames function. Fixes in ulinet, use uuid for naming temporary files. Add dialect input to the ogr2ogr service. Use the .maps file for removing a file from the DeleteData? service [Less]
Posted 2 months ago by djay
Add missing flag. Remove debug messages.
Posted 2 months ago by djay
Add status_code key to the lenv section to support returning a specific HTTP error code from the service code. Fix callback invocation to support inputs arrays at step 1 and 2. Fix issue with cpu usage. Fix issue with mapserver publication when an ... [More] input is optional. Fix callback invocation at step 7 in case the service has failed on the HPC side. [Less]
Posted 3 months ago by djay
Sleep for a longer period
Posted 3 months ago by djay
Use nanosleep between successive call of curl_multi_perform.
Posted 3 months ago by djay
Send same informations used for inputs for outputs.