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Hundreds of functions of a variety of topics, from statistics to string parsing, module utilities to network tools. Everyone's pet library accumulates features over time. My erlang library got big, fast. I often find myself giving functions from it out to other people, and a lot of my other ... [More] libraries are dependant on ScUtil in various ways, so I figured what the hell, let's give it away. This library is believed to be efficiently implemented at all points. Efficiency tips are, however, both appreciated and taken seriously. ScUtil uses the TestErl library for unit, regression and stochastic testing. ScUtil is free and MIT licensed, because the GPL is evil. ScUtil is written by John Haugeland, from http://fullof.bs/ . [Less]

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UnBBayes is a probabilistic network framework written in Java. It has both a GUI and an API with inference, sampling, learning and evaluation. It supports BN, ID, MSBN, OOBN, HBN, MEBN/PR-OWL, structure, parameter and incremental learning.

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RGS aims to be an R package for flexibly defining and fitting hierarchical Bayesian models by eventually defining custom samplers in either C or R, and obtaining simulators with good performances (e.g., compared with JAGS). The typical RGS workflow would be the following: specify the hierarchical ... [More] model as a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), like in OpenBUGS and JAGS customly assigns samplers, or 'rules to update', to each model node start the MCMC loop A key target of the package is obtaining decent performances compared with other engines, so that the package is usable in real world problems and for true experimentation. Note that the (git) source repository is hosted here. Package vignette can be seen here. Current status: alpha. [Less]

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