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Claimed by Apache Software Foundation Analyzed about 9 hours ago

With proper mark-up/logic separation, a POJO data model, and a refreshing lack of XML, Apache Wicket makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable again. Swap the boilerplate, complex debugging and brittle code for powerful, reusable components written with plain Java and HTML.

329K lines of code

19 current contributors

3 months since last commit

156 users on Open Hub

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Claimed by Yahoo! Inc. Analyzed 11 days ago

YUI is a free, open source JavaScript and CSS library for building richly interactive web applications.

596K lines of code

0 current contributors

almost 5 years since last commit

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Wicket Stuff


  Analyzed about 9 hours ago

Umbrella project for integrations of Wicket and other projects such as Jasper Reports, Hibernate, Freemarker. Also a home for small community contributions.

451K lines of code

15 current contributors

13 days since last commit

44 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: apache_2, BSD-3-Clause, lgpl

Vaadin Addon: Lazy Query Container


  Analyzed about 4 hours ago

Lazy Query Container is a Vaadin framework addon which provides lazy loading container for Vaadin tables. Lazy Query Container supports buffered reads and writes of items. Data reads and writes are delegated through Query interface to an application specific business delegate.The QueryFactory and ... [More] Query interface implementations are designed to be application specific and should invoke a data source like WebService client, JDBC connection, JPA context or Java service class to read and write data items. The data source has to support querying data in batches.Lazy Query Container supports the following features: lazy loading of items, loading Items in batches, item caching with limited cache size, sorting, query statistics, changing item set and changing property set. Since version 1.1.0 Lazy Query Container also supports adding items, modifying items and removing items. The changes are buffered and can be either commited or discarded. Row status icons and status column generator are also included to allow for visualization of row states. See the demo for hands on experience on the features.If you like this add-on please add it to your stack in ohloh by clicking I use this button in the project page: https://www.ohloh.net/p/vaadin-lazyquerycontainer [Less]

5.92K lines of code

0 current contributors

over 3 years since last commit

9 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed about 5 hours ago

Hashgrid inserts a layout grid in web pages, allows you to hold it in place, and toggle between displaying it in the foreground or background.

665 lines of code

0 current contributors

over 1 year since last commit

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Ash C++ Template Library (AshTL)


  Analyzed 2 days ago

AshTL aims to provide a complete framework for dealing with spatial data in an efficient, parallel manner. As such, we primarily provide container classes and data types relating to 2D and 3D coordinate grids. AshTL is currently in alpha development (some features may not work correctly, and ... [More] interfaces are likely to change). While in alpha and beta development, AshTL is licensed under AGPL v3+. Stable releases will include an exception so that AshTL itself will always be AGPL, but will not force code that uses it to be. [Less]

0 lines of code

0 current contributors

0 since last commit

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Mostly written in language not available
Licenses: AGPL3

Open Comparison


  Analyzed about 14 hours ago

OpenComparison helps you easily identify and compare good apps, frameworks, plugins, and other types of packages, using comparison grids.

50.7K lines of code

5 current contributors

24 days since last commit

0 users on Open Hub

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