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P2PNet is computer network layer that allows to transfer messages between multiple computers over the network. It is designed to be modular, so you can communicate not only using network, but using any interface you want. This library is only called a *library*. In fact it is a *framework*, that ... [More] consists of two parts: **library** and **daemon**. **Daemon** starts with system and provides all peer-2-peer communications, cryptography and database management. **Library** is used to link it with your application and provides API. They are connected via Unix sockets on Unix-like systems and TCP sockets on Windows systems. [Less]

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Licenses: BSD-3-Clause, gpl3_or_l...



  Analyzed 5 months ago

Hadoop Crypto Ledger - Analyzing CryptoLedgers, such as Bitcoin Blockchain, on Hadoop

16.1K lines of code

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An open source project to keep track of cryptocurrency finances

37.6K lines of code

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