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Claimed by rasdaman Analyzed 1 day ago

rasdaman is the pioneer Array DBMS enabling Big Data Analytics on massive n-D arrays ("datacubes") such as spatio-temporal sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data. Its declarative query language extends SQL with high-level array operators. Frontends supported include python, R, GDAL, QGIS ... [More] , OpenLayers, NASA WorldWind, and many more. Client-side parts are LGPL for free use of rasdaman in open and closed applications; the server itself (a separate process) is GPL implementing the paradigm of "life is a give and take". rasdaman has been released into OS by rasdaman GmbH and is now co-led by Jacobs U, the makers of several Big Data standards: ISO Array SQL, OGC WCS and WCPS; rasdaman is official OGC and INSPIRE WCS Reference Implementation and part of OSGeo Live (live.osgeo.org). [Less]

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