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OpenEMR not updating

In openhub:
Analyzed over 1 year ago. based on code collected over 1 year ago.
In sourceforge:
3 days ago

git clone git:// openemr-code
git clone openemr-code

CosmeFC over 2 years ago

Hi CosmeFC;

Thanks for the heads up. The latest update was 7 days ago, so it looks like we got it past the blocker with other cleanup. It's running a new update right now as well.

Peter Degen-Por... about 2 years ago

Peter, we have the same problem with our projects. It seems to be a general problem with most projects you are tracking. Some of the 'update issues' go back for over an year.

I requested an update 4 months ago. Your team fixed it. But a followup update never happened.

What is OpenHub's general approach to this problem? Is this going to be ongoing or, is the openhub initiative on hold as you move on to other projects? Or do you now have a change of policy on what projects you plan to track?

Sreekant Sreedh... 11 months ago

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