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Google Calendar makes it easy to have and maintain a public calendar. There is even an official Google Calendar Widget that can be embedded into a web page. However, this project seeks to be an alternative widget that is themeable, compact, and supports multiple public feeds (feed aggregation). ... [More] Built in JavaScriptAndHtml, this project allows simple embedding of a Google Calendar Aggregation widget using JSON and gdata. Features Aggregate multiple Google Calendar feeds into a single JavaScriptAndHtml widget. AddingGcalView to your web page is easy. StylingGcalView with your own colors, text styles, and layouts in CSS is easy. Upcoming events are ordered by "proximity" to the current date. Intuitive categories of "Today", "This Week", "Next Week", etc. are used to organize and prioritize. [Less]

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Remnants RPG Framework

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Host a custom MMO on your own LAN. The Remnants project seeks to provide a framework in which players can enjoy a persistent world without being held hostage by proprietary pay servers. Can a few new tools extend the MUD dimension? UPDATE: This project has been rolled into the BladeWard project (

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