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Posted about 3 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Just wanted to make a note here for anyone googling for an answer .. Trying to Install LUbuntu 14.04 ( Trusty Tahr ) i got a lockup after selecting to start the installation etc.. Switching to the first terminal ( using Ctrl+Alt+F1 ) i saw the following error message “bug soft lockup CPU 0 stuck […]
Posted over 3 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Hello I just 3D printed my first design ever a base for the logitech C310 cameras.. So i would like to attach the final version of the CAD file ( made with SCAD ) for anyone that might need it. This is to be mounted on a 2CM metal bar to make a stereo camera […]
Posted over 3 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Logitech C310 bracket v.0 http://ammar.gr/myloader/file.php?i=bbdc40a2f71d15be0b34430523412e0e-Logitech_C310_bracket.stl http://ammar.gr/myloader/file.php?i=82f4e132bc79e5e6fca6e4aa4044a91c-Logitech_C310_bracket.scad
Posted over 3 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Haven’t updated my blog for a *LONG* time !! I have 3 or 4 projects I wanted to add here but I never had the time to “document” them. One of the things I ‘ve been doing lately is making a stereo camera setup to be mounted on top of my car.. The cameras I […]
Posted almost 4 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Its been a long time since my last post.. Over the time I had a lot of stuff to write but not enough time to write them down :p I would like to report some problems I’ve been having with my android phone and its DHCP/Wifi connectivity. I have a Sony Ericsson Neo V with [...]
Posted about 4 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Hello World, been quite a long time since my last post here.. This blog post is about URL shortners and specifically my URL shortner (MyURL) based on the infrastructure of AmmarServer For more information on AmmarServer you can read this URL shortners are internet tools that take long and impossible to remember URL strings like [...]
Posted over 4 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Posted over 4 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
I’ve been doing my first steps using ROS for the last week I have mixed feelings about it both as an architecture and implementation , I guess I will post them extensively another time.. What I wanted to record somewhere for someone that might face the same problem is the very strange behaviour of OpenNI [...]
Posted over 4 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Ok the title is an overkill , but it is actually advanced when compared to plain search categorization using filenames and it “feels” a lot like google image search , so I thought if google calls it that way , why shouldn’t I..! The idea is a tool for console based content-aware image searching much [...]
Posted over 4 years ago by Ammar Qammaz
Actual Sony patented technology Playstation 4 was announced today after a show that was broadcasted live over the internet.. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a recording of it somewhere , but when I do I will append it here.. Although I grew up playing with PS1 played only a little with PS2 and owned [...]