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A portable adaptive runtime system for parallel applications.

Application developers create an object-based decomposition of the problem of interest, and the runtime system manages issues of communication, mapping, load balancing, fault tolerance, and more. Sequential code implementing the methods of these parallel objects is written in C++. Calls to libraries in C++, C, and Fortran are common and straightforward.

Charm++ is portable across individual workstations, clusters, accelerators (Cell SPEs, GPUs), and supercomputers such as those sold by IBM (Blue Gene, POWER) and Cray (XT3/4/5/6 and XE6). Applications based on Charm++ are used on at least 5 of the 20 most powerful computers in the world.


bluegene bluegenel bluegenep bluegeneq c c++ cplusplus cray cray-xt cross-platform library parallel parallelalgorithm parallelcalculaion parallelcomputing paralleldistributedprocessing parallelism parallelization parallelizing parallelprocessing parallelprogramming parallelrendering parallelsoftware parallelsorting portable portableapplications programming programmingabstraction programminglanguage programming_language programming-language programminglanguages programming-languages programmingmodel programmingtools runtime runtimearchitecture runtimeenvironment

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