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Even though MAME allows people to enjoy the long-lost arcade games and even some newer ones, the main purpose of the project is to document the hardware (and software) of the arcade games. There are already many dead arcade boards, whose function has been brought to life in MAME. Being able to play the games is just a nice side-effect. The huge success of MAME would not be possible without the talent of the programmers who joined to form the MAME team. At the moment, there are about 100 people on the team, but there is a large number of contributors outside the team too. Miodrag Milanovic is the current coordinator of the project.


arcade capcom cross_platform debugger disassembler dynarec emulation emulator game gaming lle mame namco nintendo preservation reference sdl sega taito windows


In a Nutshell, MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator...

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May 27 2017 — Jun 26 2017

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Jun 26 2016 — Jun 26 2017
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