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The UltraESB is a Free and Open Source Enterprise Service Bus [ESB] that facilitates the integration of different systems. Integration is facilitated via "messages" which maybe HTTP/S messages (such as SOAP, REST, JSON, XML, Hessian, AS2, HTML, Binary, Text etc) or messages over many other transports such as JMS, Email, TCP, MLLP/S etc, or Files FTP/S, SFTP etc. Messages may carry different types of payloads such as SOAP, XML, Text, CSV, EDI, HL7, JSON, Maps etc., and the UltraESB can accept messages over one transport in one format, and forward it to another system over another transport and another format. Messages passing through the UltraESB can be "mediated" via fragments of Java code or JSR 223 Scripting languages such as Ruby,Groovy,Javascript,etc. It supports Java IDE integration.


agpl amqp as2 authentication binary caching clustering csv distributed distributed_computing edi eip email enrichment enterprise enterprise-grade esb extensible failover file fix hessian highavailability hl7 http imap integration java jms json layer7 legacy linux management mediation messagebus messaging middleware mllp mom monitoring networking opensource performance pop3 protocol-buf protocol-buffers proxy rest restful router routing scalability scalable scripting security server simple soa soap spring tcp throttling transaction transactions transformation virtualisation virtualization webservice webservices xml zookeeper

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