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Apache Solr


Claimed by Apache Software Foundation Analyzed 9 months ago

Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library, with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs, realtime search, highly fault tolerant, hit highlighting, faceted search, caching, and a web administration interface. It runs in a standalone Java application backed by Jetty in the background.

604K lines of code

59 current contributors

9 months since last commit

147 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed about 5 hours ago

Varnish is a state-of-the-art, high-performance HTTP accelerator. Varnish is targeted primarily at the FreeBSD 6 and Linux 2.6 platforms, and will take full advantage of the virtual memory system and advanced I/O features offered by these operating systems.

153K lines of code

20 current contributors

about 11 hours since last commit

86 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed about 1 year ago

HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications. It is particularly suited for web applications under very high loads while needing persistence or Layer7 processing.

101K lines of code

43 current contributors

over 1 year since last commit

42 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed 12 months ago

We make network security easy. With thousands of enterprises using pfSense® software, it is rapidly becoming the world's most popular open source network security solution.

1.91M lines of code

192 current contributors

12 months since last commit

31 users on Open Hub

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Proxmox VE


  Analyzed about 3 hours ago

Proxmox VE is a complete open source virtualization management solution for servers based on KVM and OpenVZ. It manages virtual machines, storage, virtualized networks, and HA Clustering. Proxmox VE is an open source project, developed and maintained by Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH.

119K lines of code

21 current contributors

5 days since last commit

21 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed 1 day ago

Reverse proxy load balancer and web server, extensible (plugins!), and full of fun tricks like internal (user-transparent) redirects. Can have its config changed on the fly without restarts, and supports a lot of management port commands for observability.

11.7K lines of code

0 current contributors

almost 5 years since last commit

14 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: Artistic-2.0, GPL-2.0+



  Analyzed 1 day ago

JGroups is a toolkit for reliable multicast communication. (Note that this doesn't necessarily mean IP Multicast, JGroups can also use transports such as TCP). It can be used to create groups of processes whose members can send messages to each other. The main features include * Group ... [More] creation and deletion. Group members can be spread across LANs or WANs * Joining and leaving of groups * Membership detection and notification about joined/left/crashed members * Detection and removal of crashed members * Sending and receiving of member-to-group messages (point-to-multipoint) * Sending and receiving of member-to-member messages (point-to-point) [Less]

124K lines of code

14 current contributors

1 day since last commit

10 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed about 7 hours ago

pgpool is a connection pool server for PostgreSQL. pgpool runs between PostgreSQL's clients(front ends) and servers(back ends). A PostgreSQL client can connect to pgpool as if it were a standard PostgreSQL server. pgpool supports replication, failover, switchover, load balancing. pgpool-II is ... [More] the new generation of pgpool. It supports any number of nodes, query splitting, recovery, and new administrative commands. pgpool-ha is a set of heartbeat scripts for pgpool. pgpoolAdmin is a web administration interface for pgpool-I and pgpool-II. [Less]

242K lines of code

6 current contributors

4 days since last commit

9 users on Open Hub

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Pound is a lightweight open source reverse proxy program suitable to be used as a web server load balancing solution.

0 lines of code

0 current contributors

0 since last commit

8 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: GPL-2.0+

MySQL Proxy


  Analyzed almost 5 years ago

MySQL Proxy is a simple program that sits between your client and MySQL server(s) that can monitor, analyze or transform their communication. Its flexibility allows for unlimited uses; common ones include: load balancing; failover; query analysis; query filtering and modification; and many more.

41.1K lines of code

0 current contributors

over 6 years since last commit

7 users on Open Hub

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