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Project Summary

The WSO2 Identity Server is an open source identity & entitlemment management server having support for Information Cards, OpenID & XACML.

1. Entitlement Engine with XACML 2.0 support.
2. Claim based Security Token Service.
3. Information Cards provider supporting Managed Information Cards backed by user name / password and self-issued cards.
4. Information cards support for SAML 1.1/2.0.
5. OpenID Provider.
6. Multi-factor authentication with Information Cards
7. Extension points for SAML assertion handling.
8. XMPP based multi-factor authentication.
9. Improved User Management.
10. Claim Management.
11. User Profiles and Profile Management.
12. XKMS.
13. Separable front-end & back-end - a single front-end server can be used to administer several back-end servers.


apache application authentication axis2 cardspace container httpd identity identity20 java mod_cspace module openid programming security servlet token web wso2 xacml

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