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Apache HTTP Server


Claimed by Apache Software Foundation Analyzed 8 days ago

The Apache HTTP Server Project is a collaborative software development effort aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, feature-rich, and freely-available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) server. The project is jointly managed by a group of volunteers located around the world, using ... [More] the Internet and the Web to communicate, plan, and develop the server and its related documentation. This project is part of the Apache Software Foundation. In addition, hundreds of users have contributed ideas, code, and documentation to the project. [Less]

1.63M lines of code

21 current contributors

10 days since last commit

9,701 users on Open Hub

High Activity
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Claimed by NGINX, Inc. Analyzed 2 days ago

NGINX [Engine-X] is an HTTP(S) server, HTTP(S) reverse proxy and IMAP/POP3 proxy server written by Igor Sysoev. It has been running on many heavily loaded sites, including Facebook, Zappos, Groupon, LivingSocial, Hulu, TechCrunch, Dropbox, Tumblr and WordPress.

227K lines of code

12 current contributors

7 days since last commit

896 users on Open Hub

Moderate Activity
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  Analyzed 1 day ago

lighttpd (pronounced /lighty/) is a secure, fast, compliant, and very flexible web server that has been optimized for high-performance environments. lighttpd uses memory and CPU efficiently and has lower resource use than other popular web servers. Its advanced feature-set (FastCGI, CGI, Auth ... [More] , Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting and much more) make lighttpd the perfect web server for all systems, small and large. [Less]

98.5K lines of code

7 current contributors

15 days since last commit

467 users on Open Hub

Moderate Activity
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  Analyzed 1 day ago

XAMPP is an easy to (optionally) install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use - just download, extract and start. This includes XAMPP Lite, an additional extra small XAMPP edition. It's the successor of the old MiniXAMPP. Get a ... [More] fully functional web server within minutes under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. [Less]

0 lines of code

0 current contributors

0 since last commit

365 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: gpl

AWStats Log Analyzer


  Analyzed 1 day ago

Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) is a free powerful Web server logfile analyzer (Perl script) that shows you all your Web statistics including visits, unique visitors, pages, hits, rush hours, search engines, keywords used to find your site, robots, broken links, and more. It works with both IIS ... [More] 5.0+ and Apache Web server log files as a CGI and/or from the command line. It also supports multiple languages including English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, and Greek. [Less]

61.2K lines of code

6 current contributors

17 days since last commit

269 users on Open Hub

Low Activity
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  Analyzed 2 days ago

Cherokee is a very fast, flexible and easy to configure Web Server. It supports the widespread technologies nowadays: FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, CGI, uWSGI, SSI, TLS and SSL encrypted connections, Virtual hosts, Authentication, on the fly encoding, Load Balancing, Apache compatible log files, Data Base ... [More] Balancing, Reverse HTTP Proxy, Traffic Shaper, Video Streaming, Content Cache and much more. Cherokee-Admin, a user friendly interface, provides a no-hassle configuration of the server. Check out the benchmarks and documentation to learn more, join our active Community and give it a try to squeeze your hardware to the fullest! [Less]

139K lines of code

0 current contributors

23 days since last commit

42 users on Open Hub

Very Low Activity
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Tomcat Connectors (JK, mod_jk)


Claimed by Apache Software Foundation Analyzed almost 3 years ago

Apache Tomcat Connectors produces web server plugins to connect Apache HTTPS, IIS or Sun web server with backend server via the AJP protocol. The most important backend example is Apache Tomcat.

197K lines of code

3 current contributors

over 3 years since last commit

40 users on Open Hub

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ISPConfig - Hosting Control Panel


  Analyzed about 3 years ago

ISPConfig is an open source hosting control panel for Linux. ISPconfig 3 is capable of managing multiple servers from one control panel. Managed Services and Features *Manage one or more Servers from one Controlpanel (Multiserver Management) *Different permission levels (Administrators ... [More] , Resellers and Clients) + Email user level provided by a Roundcube plugin *Httpd (virtual hosts, domain and IP based) *FTP, SFTP, SCP *DNS (A, CNAME, MX, SRV and TXT Records) *POP3, IMAP *Email-Autoresponder *Server based mail filtering *Advanced email spamfilter and antivirus filter *MySQL client-databases *Webalizer statistics *Harddisk quota *Mail-Quota *Traffic limits and statistics *IP-addresses *SSL *SSI *PHP *Shell-access *Jailed shell access *Firewall *Server monitoring [Less]

249K lines of code

16 current contributors

almost 4 years since last commit

28 users on Open Hub

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Tornado Web Server (tornadoweb)


  Analyzed 9 months ago

Tornado is an open source version of the scalable, non-blocking web server and tools that power FriendFeed. The FriendFeed application is written using a web framework that looks a bit like web.py or Google's webapp, but with additional tools and optimizations to take advantage of the underlying non-blocking infrastructure.

29.8K lines of code

23 current contributors

10 months since last commit

22 users on Open Hub

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WSO2 Identity Server


Claimed by WSO2, Inc Analyzed 4 days ago

The WSO2 Identity Server is an open source identity & entitlemment management server having support for Information Cards, OpenID & XACML. 1. Entitlement Engine with XACML 2.0 support. 2. Claim based Security Token Service. 3. Information Cards provider supporting Managed Information ... [More] Cards backed by user name / password and self-issued cards. 4. Information cards support for SAML 1.1/2.0. 5. OpenID Provider. 6. Multi-factor authentication with Information Cards 7. Extension points for SAML assertion handling. 8. XMPP based multi-factor authentication. 9. Improved User Management. 10. Claim Management. 11. User Profiles and Profile Management. 12. XKMS. 13. Separable front-end & back-end - a single front-end server can be used to administer several back-end servers. [Less]

792K lines of code

133 current contributors

8 days since last commit

11 users on Open Hub

Very High Activity
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