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NetBeans IDE


  Analyzed 26 days ago

101M lines of code

71 current contributors

about 1 month since last commit

943 users on Open Hub

High Activity
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Licenses: common_de..., GPL2



  Analyzed 32 minutes ago

RSpec is a BDD tool and a framework which provides programmers with a Domain Specific Language to describe the behaviour of Ruby code with readable, executable examples that guide you in the design process and serve well as both documentation and tests.

74.9K lines of code

55 current contributors

4 days since last commit

320 users on Open Hub

Moderate Activity
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  Analyzed about 7 hours ago

A flexible project management web application written using Ruby on Rails framework. Key features include: * Multiple projects support * Flexible role based access control. * Flexible issue tracking system * Gantt chart and calendar * News, documents & files management * Feeds & email ... [More] notifications. * Per project wiki * Per project forums * Simple time tracking functionality * Custom fields for issues, projects and users * Repository integration (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs) * Multiple LDAP authentication support * User self-registration support * Multilanguage support * Multiple databases support [Less]

275K lines of code

6 current contributors

1 day since last commit

285 users on Open Hub

Very High Activity
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  Analyzed over 4 years ago

Haml is a markup language that’s used to cleanly and simply describe the XHTML of any web document without the use of inline code. Haml functions as a replacement for inline page templating systems such as PHP, ASP, and ERB, the templating language used in most Ruby on Rails applications. However ... [More] , Haml avoids the need for explicitly coding XHTML into the template, because it itself is a description of the XHTML, with some code to generate dynamic content. [Less]

7.81K lines of code

0 current contributors

over 7 years since last commit

149 users on Open Hub

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Phusion Passenger


  Analyzed about 11 hours ago

Phusion Passenger™ is a web server and application server, designed to be fast, robust and lightweight. It takes a lot of complexity out of deploying web apps, adds powerful enterprise-grade features that are useful in production, and makes administration much easier and less complex. Phusion ... [More] Passenger supports Ruby, Python, Node.js and Meteor, and is being used by high-profile companies such as Apple, Pixar, New York Times, AirBnB, Juniper etc as well as over 350.000 websites. [Less]

711K lines of code

3 current contributors

7 months since last commit

134 users on Open Hub

Low Activity
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Macromates TextMate Bundles


  Analyzed about 2 hours ago

"Official" TextMate Bundles

543K lines of code

0 current contributors

almost 3 years since last commit

88 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: No declared licenses



  Analyzed about 8 hours ago

The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network.

64.9K lines of code

15 current contributors

about 18 hours since last commit

29 users on Open Hub

Moderate Activity
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Ruby on Rails TextMate bundle


  Analyzed about 7 hours ago

15.4K lines of code

0 current contributors

almost 8 years since last commit

15 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed 1 day ago

rails.vim is the one true Vim plugin for syntax highlighing, easy navigation, and script invocation for all your Ruby on Rails applications, transparently and unobtrusively.

0 lines of code

0 current contributors

0 since last commit

11 users on Open Hub

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Mostly written in language not available
Licenses: Vim_License



  Analyzed about 14 hours ago

Mongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby.

70.5K lines of code

0 current contributors

almost 4 years since last commit

10 users on Open Hub

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