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Claimed by Mozilla Foundation Analyzed almost 2 years ago

Thunderbird delivers. Enjoy safe, fast, and easy email, with intelligent spam filters, quick message search, and customizable views. Brought to you by Mozilla, Thunderbird makes email better. User web site: http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird

882K lines of code

98 current contributors

almost 2 years since last commit

3,283 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed 3 days ago

Evolution provides integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring functionality to users of freedesktop.org compliant desktop environments.

1.02M lines of code

79 current contributors

4 days since last commit

275 users on Open Hub

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Apache JMeter


Claimed by Apache Software Foundation Analyzed about 2 months ago

Apache JMeter may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources, Web dynamic applications. It simulates a heavy load on server. Its features include: - Ability to load/performance test many different applications/server/protocol type, Web - HTTP, HTTPS (Java, NodeJS, PHP ... [More] , ASP.NET, …), Database, FTP, JMS, Mail, TCP, Java -Full featured Test IDE that allows fast Test Plan recording (from Browsers or native applications), building and debugging. -CLI mode to load test from any Java compatible OS -A complete and ready to present dynamic HTML report -Easy correlation and ability to extract data from most popular response formats -Complete portability - Full multi-threading framework - Highly Extensible core - Easy Continuous Integration (Maven, Graddle and Jenkins) [Less]

358K lines of code

8 current contributors

about 2 months since last commit

158 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed 2 months ago

Exim is a message transfer agent (MTA) developed for Unix systems connected to the Internet. It is similar to Smail 3, but expands on Smail features.

125K lines of code

16 current contributors

2 months since last commit

102 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed almost 3 years ago

Fetchmail is a full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility intended to be used over on-demand or permanent dynamic-address TCP/IP links (such as SLIP or PPP connections). It supports every remote-mail protocol now in use on the Internet: POP3, IMAP4r1, ETRN ... [More] , and ODMR, all with various authentication variants, and TLS/SSL security with certificate verification. Fetchmail retrieves mail from remote mail servers and forwards it via SMTP, LMTP, or to a local delivery agent. Mail can then be read by normal mail software such as mutt or alpine. This setup allows all your system MTA's filtering, forwarding, and aliasing facilities to work just as they would on normal mail. [Less]

32.4K lines of code

1 current contributors

over 3 years since last commit

96 users on Open Hub

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Sendmail is a remarkably flexible program, supporting many kinds of mail transfer and delivery including the overwhelmingly popular SMTP.

0 lines of code

0 current contributors

0 since last commit

95 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: sendmail



Claimed by Linagora Analyzed 16 days ago

OBM is a groupware, email, LDAP, Windows PDC, CRM, and project management application. It is mainly used as an Exchange or Notes/Domino groupware and mail server replacement, as an LDAP directory, as a Windows PDC, as a contact and customer database, as a project management tool, or as any ... [More] combination of these functions. It provides groupware (calendars, contacts, and tasks) connectors for Outlook, Thunderbird/Lightning, and PDAs. It supports internationalization and themes. It is highly scalable, and is used by sites from five to many thousands of users. [Less]

2.37M lines of code

2 current contributors

5 months since last commit

60 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed almost 2 years ago

qmail is a modern SMTP server which makes sendmail obsolete, written by Dan Bernstein. Qmail was released under the public domain in november 2007.

0 lines of code

0 current contributors

almost 16 years since last commit

53 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: PD/GWC

Courier Mail Server


  Analyzed about 6 hours ago

The Courier mail transfer agent (MTA) is an integrated mail/groupware server based on open commodity protocols such as ESMTP, IMAP, POP3, LDAP, SSL, and HTTP. Courier provides ESMTP, IMAP, POP3, Webmail, and mailing list services within a single consistent framework. Individual components can be ... [More] enabled or disabled at will. Courier implements basic Web-based calendaring and scheduling services integrated in the Webmail module. [Less]

180K lines of code

0 current contributors

about 7 years since last commit

49 users on Open Hub

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Licenses: No declared licenses

Tine 2.0


  Analyzed about 4 hours ago

Tine 2.0 is an open source business collaboration software covering groupware, CRM and ERP aspects. The Server component is build as a service provider where the client run as Rich Internet Applications in the any web-browser. Working with Tine 2.0 is fun and eases the workaday life cause it ... [More] activates synergies through high acceptance in your whole organisation. This is achieved by providing an easy to use interface and enjoyable user experience on the basis of a stable, secure and scalable infrastructure. Tine 2.0 was started by former eGroupWare core developers which now work full-time on Tine 2.0. The efforts are fully backed by Metaways GmbH. [Less]

353K lines of code

8 current contributors

9 months since last commit

42 users on Open Hub

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