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MongoHub (http://mongohub.todayclose.com/) is a mongodb(http://mongodb.org) GUI application.
This repository is a mac native version of MongoHub. If you are using windows or linux please download use the source
from http://github.com/bububa/MongoHub which is made by Titanium Desktop.

This project is very new. Any issues or bug reports are welcome.

*If you are using the version less than 2.0.8, you need to remove ~/Library/Application\ Support/MongoHub directory and
restart the new version.

[[Last Update 2.2.0]
SSH Tunnel connection support;
Fixed a bug in display ObjectID type fields;
Fixed some UI bugs;
Fixed some memory leaks and random crashes;
Add confirm panel before drop database or collection;
Run queries in a seperate thread so that won't block the UI;
Fixed a bug to install o


admin administration admintools client cocoa gui mac mongodb objective-c objective-c++ opensource osx snowleopard tools utility

In a Nutshell, MongoHub...


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Did You Know...

  • ...
    nearly 1 in 3 companies have no process for identifying, tracking, or remediating known open source vulnerabilities
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    learn about Open Hub updates and features on the Open Hub blog
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    55% of companies leverage OSS for production infrastructure
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    anyone with an Open Hub account can update a project's tags
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