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VLC media player


Claimed by VideoLAN Analyzed about 17 hours ago

VLC - the cross-platform media player and streaming server VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in ... [More] unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network. [Less]

639K lines of code

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  Analyzed 9 months ago

Totem is a media player for the GNOME desktop environment using GStreamer or xine as a backend. It also includes a browser plugin compatible with Windows Media player targeted websites, and has a plugin system itself, allowing C, Python or Vala plugins to extend Totem and add functionality.

30K lines of code

60 current contributors

9 months since last commit

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Claimed by XBMC Foundation Analyzed about 2 months ago

Kodi Media Center is a free cross-platform media-player jukebox and entertainment hub. Kodi is open source (GPL) software available for Linux, Mac OS X and iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android operating-systems. Kodi can play a very complete spectrum of of multimedia formats, and featuring playlist ... [More] , audio visualizations, slideshow, and weather forecast functions, together with a multitude of third-party plugins. [Less]

5.15M lines of code

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  Analyzed about 14 hours ago

MythTV is a capable media center and DVR application with a distributed architecture allowing music, videos, recordings, photos and more to be viewed from any room in the home, office or institution. The MythTV project was started in 2002 and quickly became the most popular application of it's ... [More] kind. It continues to innovate and offers support for new media types as they emerge. [Less]

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  Analyzed about 2 months ago

Rygel is a collection of DLNA (UPnP AV) services (devices in UPnP speak), implemented through a plug-in mechanism. UPnP in simplest words is a set of protocols that defines how different devices on a home network can seamlessly (without or with minimum configuration) communicate with each other. ... [More] UPnP AV defines how multimedia systems could be built on top of that. DLNA in simple words is a long list of rules that implementers must comply to if they want to achieve interoperability with other implementations in the market. [Less]

38.2K lines of code

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XBMC for Xbox


  Analyzed about 4 years ago

XBMC is a multimedia player/jukebox for the Xbox from Microsoft. It can be used to play or view most common video, audio, and picture formats such as MPEG-1/2/4, DivX, XviD, MP3, AAC, JPG, and GIF directly from a CD or DVD in the Xbox DVD-ROM drive or from the Xbox hard drive. XBMC can also stream ... [More] files over a local network or from the Internet. Playlist and slideshow functions, a weather forecast, and many audio visualizations are also included. [Less]

4.56M lines of code

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over 4 years since last commit

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  Analyzed about 2 years ago

477K lines of code

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  Analyzed 2 months ago

GUPnP is an object-oriented open source framework for creating UPnP devices and control points, written in C using GObject and libsoup. The GUPnP API is intended to be easy to use, efficient and flexible. The GUPnP framework was born out of frustration with libupnp and its mess of threads. GUPnP ... [More] is entirely single-threaded (though asynchronous), integrates with the GLib main loop, and provides the same set of features as libupnp while hiding most of the UPnP internals through an elegant object-oriented design. [Less]

70.8K lines of code

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Coherence DLNA/UPnP Server & Framework


  Analyzed 4 months ago

Coherence is a framework written in Python enabling your application to participate in digital living networks, at the moment primarily the UPnP universe. The main component is a DLNA Media Server, extensible via plugins. Its objective and demand is to relieve your application from all the ... [More] membership/the UPnP related tasks as much as possible. The core of Coherence provides a (hopefully complete) implementation of a SSDP server, a MSEARCH client, server and client for HTTP/SOAP requests, and server and client for Event Subscription and Notification (GENA). [Less]

100K lines of code

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OpenELEC - Media Center Operating System


  Analyzed 1 day ago

OpenELEC is a GNU/Linux distro combined with XBMC to give you the best possible experience for watching you media. Including but not limited to tv-shows, movies, music, web-media, etc. It's built upon a less-is-more philosophy and aim to provide an all-in-one solution. Making you as the user ... [More] , more focused on the media you consume, rather than spending hour after hour to setup your environment. [Less]

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