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Project Summary

OpenHoW aims to be an open-source implementation of Hogs of War, a game produced by Gremlin Interactive.

The entire project is being built from the ground, supporting content from both the PC and PSX releases of the game, and the end goal will be to produce a completely open and free version of the game, featuring completely new assets to replace those of the original (think FreeDOOM).

Right now the project is only in it's infancy and a lot of focus is currently going towards producing an engine for the game to be built upon; right now the primary part of this is creatively called the platform library.

Another task that is currently being looked into are tools that will allow for easy modification of OpenHoW - though compatibility with the original isn't a huge concern right now.


3d c cross_platform editor game gamedev game_development multiplayer opengl recreation reimplementation terrain third_person turn_based turn_based_strategy vehicles ww1

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