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v8rocket is a library for integrating v8 with libRocket, and to expose the XHTML DOM to Javascript.

libRocket (http://librocket.com) is a renderer agnostic XHTML/CSS renderer, useful for creating UIs for games and the like. Hopefully makes assembling a game UI a breeze.

v8 (http://code.google.com/p/v8/) is a fast Javascript engine, used by the Chromium browser to execute Javascript.

Advantages of v8rocket:

Renderer agnostic, input agnostic, allows a fully dynamic layout, that can grow/shrink etc. as needed, uses existing layout technology - standardized XHTML/CSS to describe layout, allows easy "theming" via CSS, or even changing the XHTML, without having to recompile, allows delegation of UI work to developers skilled in web programming.


2d 3d browser c++ cplusplus cross-platform cross-plattform css css2 d3d desktop development dhtml direct3d directx display embedded game gamedev game_development gaming gl gles graphics gui gui_framework html interface javascript layout layoutmanager library librocket mit mitlicense mit_license multiplatform object_oriented ogre ogre3d ois opengl open-source portable programming render renderer rendering scriptable sdl sfml texture textures ui user-interface v8 vertices web widget widgetengine widgets xhtml xml

In a Nutshell, v8rocket...

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